73m mesh awardIn January 2011, Martha Salazar was implanted with the Obtryx, which was manufactured by Boston Scientific. Following the surgery, she asserts that she had experienced dyspareunia, pain, and nerve damage. She has undergone multiple surgeries to remove the polypropylene mesh and walks with a limp due to her right hip muscle, which was damaged by the Obtryx device.

Ms. and Mr. Salazar filed suit against Boston Scientific and accused the company of failing to adequately warn patients and doctors of the risks associated with the device. She also asserted that the Obtryx mesh was defective because it is prone to degradation, erosion and shrinkage.

A Texas state court jury has awarded $73.45 million in this mesh case against Boston Scientific, finding its sling was defective, negligently marketed, and proximately caused Plaintiffs’ injuries.

The 12 member jury sitting in the Dallas County District Court awarded $750,000 for physical impairment, $1.5 million for physical pain and mental anguish, $1.7 million for loss of earning capacity, $3 million in future necessary medical care, $10 million for future pain and anguish and $50 million in punitive damages.