DePuy ATTUNE Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement System Facing Lawsuits Amid Complaints

Approximately 700,000 knee replacement procedures are performed annually in the United States. By the year 2030, that amount is projected to increase to 3.48 million each year. Often pursued by those who have damaged knees due to arthritis, severe injury or excess wear and tear, knee replacement surgery can give patients up to 15 years or more of pain-free stability and mobility assistance when performed correctly and with a reliable product.

However, when the knee replacement implant fails due to product defects, the consequences can be devastating for patients.

Did you have knee replacement surgery that resulted in pain, suffering and unforeseen complications? If so, contact a defective medical device attorney to learn more about your rights.

When a Knee Implant Fails

knee replacement surgeryWhen knee replacement surgery is performed accurately and with a “safe” product, the benefits can be overwhelmingly positive and effective. Though, when the knee replacement implant is faulty, complications are likely to arise.

These complications can occur immediately following surgery or even several years after the initial surgery date. These complications make life for patients uncomfortable, difficult and possibly dangerous.

When a knee replacement implant fails, painful side effects and damages can occur, resulting in the need for a second or revision knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, these revision surgeries are rarely successful, leaving patients in even more pain and less mobility than before.

When a knee replacement implant fails, complications generally include at least one of the following:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Instability
  • Revision surgery
  • Permanent bone loss
  • Extensive rehabilitation
  • Expensive medical bills
  • Permanent muscle damage
  • Decrease in a patient’s quality of life

What Are the DePuy Attune Knee Implant Complaints?

A trademark of DePuy Orthopaedics, the DePuy Attune knee implant is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010, when it became one of the most popular knee replacement devices on the market. Recently, a significant amount of DePuy Attune knee implant patients have reported dangerous and painful side effects, such as worn components and device fractures.

fda issues notice on knee replacement failuresComplaints have been filed about the failure of the fixed bearing tibial base placed in the DePuy Attune Cemented knee. Case studies and event reports to the FDA have shown that the tibial baseplate fails to adhere to the cement mantle, coming out clean or with little adherence or attachment to the cement interface.

Within as little as a few months following surgery, patients have made complaints about their DePuy Attune knee implant, the FDA says. Aside from premature device failure and other serious side effects, these complaints include:

  • Shedding of metal debris
  • Loss or failure to bond
  • Worn components
  • Device dislocation
  • Device fractures
  • Joint instability
  • Nerve damage
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling

Specific complaints about the product’s system failure have been made, including:

  • Instability when weight is put on the knee
  • Uncomfortable warmth and swelling in the knee area
  • Joint pain in both moments of rest and activity
  • Inflammation and swelling caused by fluid build-up
  • Component changes that cause forward and/or side movement of knee

If you have experienced any of the side effects or complications listed above and received a DePuy Attune knee implant after January 2013, your knee implant could be defective.

Has DePuy Recalled Their Attune Knee Implant?

DePuy has not issued a recall for the Attune knee implant, and claims there is nothing wrong with the product. Yet, DePuy recently launched a newer and stronger-bonding version of the implant: the Attune S+.

If the original DePuy Attune knee implant was safe and fault-free, why has the company spent time and money releasing a re-designed version of the product?

Complaints regarding the original Attune knee replacement implant continue to surface, as do lawsuits against DePuy.

DePuy’s Recall History

This is not the first time DePuy has been accused of releasing a faulty product. The timeline below showcases dates of other recalls, lawsuits and settlements against the medical device company:

2010: DePuy recalls ASR metal-on-metal hip devices due to high failure rates

2012 – 2013: DePuy recalls 277 knee implant devices and components, revealing a high probability that the products could cause serious health consequences and/or death

2013: Johnson & Johnson pays $2.5 billion to settle the majority of ASR hip lawsuits pending in the United States

2013: DePuy recalls specific components of the Limb Preservations System knee implant due to reports of product failure

2015: DePuy initiates a Class II recall on the Attune Articulation Surface components after numerous examples of the product’s spring coil break off and enter the surgical site without the surgeon’s knowledge

2017: The first DePuy Attune knee lawsuit is filed in Alabama, claiming significant failure regarding the fixed bearing tibial base plate

Do You Have a DePuy Knee Replacement Implant?

If you received a DePuy knee replacement implant after January 2013, and have since experienced complications that include swelling, joint pain or any of the negative side effects listed above, you are encouraged to contact a defective medical device attorney to learn about your rights.

Remember, you are not alone. There are other patients just like you who are suffering by DePuy’s faulty product. DePuy needs to be held accountable for their actions. You should not have to suffer for trusting in the company and its product.

It is imperative that you see a doctor regarding any type of pain or discomfort with your knee implant. Your medical records will show which device and model number were used for your knee replacement surgery and will indicate whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

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