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Searcy Denney is representing clients who have been implanted with the M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis from Zimmer Biomet in lawsuits alleging that the manufacturer failed to warn them of dangerous risks associated with the device.

Update: The Court has appointed Searcy Denney partner Brenda Fulmer to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis, M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis with Kinectiv Technology and VerSys Femoral Head products liability litigation. Brenda has a long history of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, representing thousands of injured people in claims involving many of the most popular health products and medicines. She has also served in various court-appointed, national leadership roles in federal MDL and state court coordinated mass torts.

The number of hip replacement surgeries performed in the United States has more than doubled over the last ten years. If you are one of countless patients who were injured by a faulty hip implant, you are not alone. Hundreds were implanted with the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis, a recalled device.

Zimmer’s M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis was withdrawn from the market after receiving multiple reports of adverse events. These have included side effects like metallosis, allergic reaction, infections, severe pain and death.

Read on to learn how Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis recipients are at risk for injury.

This page covers:

  • Manufacturer Defects of the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis
  • Serious Side Effects of the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis
  • Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis Recall Information
  • How to Identify If You Are Affected
  • What to Do If You Were Injured
  • Who Is Responsible for Your Injuries
  • Ongoing Lawsuits Against the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Makers
  • Contact an Experienced Hip Replacement Failure Attorney

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Manufacturer Defects of the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis

For many hip replacement candidates, the ZimmerM/L Taper prosthesis seemed like an appropriate option, with Kinective Technology that offered a wide range of accompaniments custom fitted to match hip joints. However, many who received the implant suffered debilitating injuries.


The two main causes behind the device’s dangerous side effects are:

  1. Toxic Materials Leading to Dangerous Cytotoxicity Levels

The device contains higher than allowed cytotoxicity levels (materials that are toxic to human cells). According to the FDA, this is residue from part of a manufacturing process.

The level of metal toxicity is so high, there is a reasonable probability that patients will have an adverse biological response and require revision surgery.

  1. Metal on Metal (MoM) Design Leading to Metallosis

The metal material the artificial hips are made from cobalt and chromium. As these materials rub against each other, they have been shown to release metal shavings into surrounding joint tissue and eventually into the bloodstream. This is known as metallosis, a form of blood poisoning.

These metal particles can cause bone and tissue damage over time. Signs of soft tissue damage may include pain, implant loosening, device failure and the need for revision surgery.

Serious Side Effects of the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis

Cytotoxicity side effects range greatly. The FDA has stated that the specific residues left on the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis can cause serious adverse health issues, including allergic reactions, pain, infections or death.

Metallosis, a known issue for metal-on-metal implants, is blood poisoning that results from shredded metal particles built up in blood tissue. Symptoms of metallosis include:

  • General hypersensitivity reaction (skin rash)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Neurological changes including sensory changes (auditory, or visual impairments)
  • Psychological status change (including depression or cognitive impairment)
  • Renal function impairment
  • Thyroid dysfunction (including neck discomfort, fatigue, weight gain or feeling cold)

Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis Recall Information

Zimmer Biomet, the device manufacturers, initiated a voluntary recall of 64 lots (752 implants total) of M/L Taper with Kinective femoral stems and modular necks after reports of dangerously high cytotoxicity levels found in the product. The recall was designated a class 1 recall and was instated on June 8, 2015.

Class 1 recalls are the most serious type of recall, involving situations in which there is a reasonable probability that using the product can result in serious adverse health consequences or death.

Zimmer Biomet sent an Urgent Medical Device Recall letter dated May 18, 2015 to its customers. Surgeons and hospitals who implanted the device were also notified of the recall. The recall letter included a description of the reason for the recall, affected product, and instructions for responding to the formal recall notification.

How to Identify If You Are Affected

The M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis from Zimmer Biomet was designed for use in a total hip replacement to correct pain and disability associated with illness such as:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Collagen disorders
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Congenital hip dysplasia

If you are a hip implant recipient and think you may be affected but are not sure, call (800)780-8607 today to speak with one of our defective medical device attorneys and learn if you qualify for compensation. We are happy to answer your questions free of charge.

Who is Responsible for My Injury?

The manufacturer of the medical device that injured you will be held liable—not your doctor.

Zimmer Biomet is a publicly traded medical device company founded in 1927 and headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana. The company creates a variety of orthopedic implants, including knee, hip shoulder, elbow, foot, and ankle artificial joint and prostheses. Zimmer has operations in more than 25 countries around the world and sells products in more than 100 countries.

The company controlled an estimated 31 percent of the market in 2016, more than any other company. Zimmer Biomet reported more than $1.8 billion in revenue from hip implants in 2016.

Ongoing Lawsuits Against the Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Makers

Lawsuits have already been filed against Zimmer Biomet alleging the medical device has caused patients to suffer significant pain, often requiring revision surgery.


Lawsuits against Zimmer Biomet fall into a category known as defective medical device litigation, which allege any of the following:

  • Failure to Warn: typically involves a product with dangers that are not obvious to the user that requires special precautions when using it.
  • Manufacturer Defects: involve a product that was defectively manufactured and flawed due to an error in making it.
  • Design Defects: involve a design that is inherently dangerous or defective.

In the first Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit to go to trial, a patient suffered from metallosis. A New Mexico judge awarded more than $2 million to the victim. The judge ruled that the risks associated with the device were unacceptable, as they posed a real threat to patients who had entrusted Zimmer Biomet with their health.

“It is never appropriate to design a hip implant system that would create an unreasonable risk of injury to the health or safety of a patient.” – Judge Nash

The court awarded the 70-year-old Albuquerque resident $2.027 million for lost enjoyment, earnings, future medical expenses and related claims.

Have You Suffered After Your Hip Replacement Surgery? Contact the Defective Medical Device Attorneys at Searcy Denney

If you or a loved one suffered serious injury or revision surgery after being implanted with the Zimmer M/L Taper Prosthesis, contacting an attorney can help you understand what your best options are moving forward.

If you have suffered because of this dangerous medical device, you could qualify for compensation to help pay for:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical Bills

Zimmer Biomet sold a revolutionary medical device to patients and medical professionals. However, instead of healing patients, people have been seriously injured and required invasive correctional surgeries because of negligent manufacturing and design. This should not have happened. Zimmer Biomet should be held liable for their negligence.


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