Defending the Injured for More Than 40 Years

“When I represent people who have been terribly wronged or terribly hurt, and I’m able to do something about that, it’s like an opportunity to represent a close member of my family.”  -Christian Searcy, Founding Partner.

The pharmaceutical and defective medical device lawyers at Searcy Denney give each client the utmost respect, personal attention and the fullest extent of our resources for seeking justice in their case. If you have a question, we’re here to have a confidential conversation about your options and legal rights.

In addition to securing the help and justice our clients need and deserve, we seek to establish a personal relationship with each person and treat our clients as the individuals they are.

Below is a short video of a few cards and notes from our past clients. Please take a moment to read their heartfelt messages that we value so much.



The lawyers and support staff at Searcy Denney have more than 40 years of experience pursuing success for our clients.

We have a formidable track record of success for our clients. We know from experience that there is no magic formula, and no “silver bullet” for obtaining justice on their behalf. Much like two different families we may represent, their cases are not the same, and the road to success is an individual fight. Because each case is unique, we form a strong relationship with each client and family we represent, no matter where in the country they may reside.

Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.
– Theodore Roosevelt

 You Need an Advocate

Christian SearcyAfter making his mark as the youngest lawyer in the United States by winning a $1 million personal injury verdict for a single personal injury client, firm founder Christian Searcy developed partnerships with like-minded attorneys to fight for their clients in the Southern U.S. and eventually throughout America. They established a simple goal: To right the wrongs for victims of accidents, negligence or social injustice.


Our Areas of Emphasis

While our firm has defended the rights of Americans in a variety of practice areas, we are committed to seeking justice for cases involving personal injury and mass tort injuries. A “mass tort” is a personal injury case where many people are harmed by the same product and often share the same injury. A recent example is a recalled hip replacement. The product (hip replacement) is the same, and the resulting injury of removing the hip, a painful procedure, is similar for all plaintiffs affected by the product.

Defective Drugs

Prescription drugs have helped to advance medicine and extend the lives of millions. However, it is also a highly-profitable marketplace, and the race to get a new diabetes drug or birth control to market can have life threatening consequences. If you have used a drug that has caused you to be hospitalized, contact our firm for a confidential consultation. You are likely not the only one who has suffered, and our lawyers can help you understand your rights.

Defective Medical Devices

Healthcare devices are not always foolproof. After decades of experience in handling defective medical devices, our legal team seems to have a sixth sense for cases where faulty medical technology has turned patients into victims. With an aging baby boomer population, and the advancement of science, new medical devices are getting rushed to market. Often times, these devices are fast-tracked through a program known as “510(k),” which can bring a new product to market within months with very limited testing. Not surprisingly, once these products are embedded within the human body, life-threatening complications may arise.

Thank you Mr. Warriner for your excellent and comprehensive update on my case. It’s worth it to me to be a part of this lawsuit just so I can read and appreciate your very clear and informative report regarding your diligent work without the legal mumbo-jumbo.
– Charlie Stewart, client
Pharmaceutical Reactions

Medical professionals often use pharmaceuticals to help an individual in pain or who may be ill. Unfortunately, these synthetic drugs may not react well to the body, and may cause life threatening conditions such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome, heart attacks or other consequences – including death. If you have taken a drug which may have caused significant harm or hospitalized you or someone you love, contact us today by calling (800) 388-3905.

Our Attorney Fees

2020 best law firms logoAt Searcy Denney, we feel an ethical duty to represent and fight for individuals who have been wrongfully injured, but lack the finances to get competent legal help. Our firm works on a contingency-fee basis, meaning we only collect legal fees if we win compensation for you. There are no retainer fees, hourly fees or court and filing expenses unless we win. We will front all costs associated with your case, and will handle every detail –  from your first consultation, until we win you compensation through a maximum settlement or jury verdict.

The Bottom Line

The attorneys at Searcy Denney fight aggressively for your rights. When we take on your case, you become a critical part of our legal team, and we work with you every step of the way. If we cannot resolve your case, then we are not afraid to take it to court to seek the justice you deserve. If you have a legal question, let’s have a conversation. Become aware of your rights. Our consultations are absolutely free, and you will have no-obligation to pursue a case. Contact us today at (800) 388-3905




The attorneys at Searcy Denney have more than 40 years of experience pursuing success for our clients with over 5 Billion Dollars in case results.


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