$1.58 Billion Verdict in Landmark Victory Against Morgan Stanley
$256 Million Verdict for Family of Devastating Crash
$63 Million Verdict for the use of Outlawed Forceps Delivery
$80 Million Verdict Over Big Tobacco – 4th SDSBS Victory in Smoking Battle
$57 Million Recovery for Family’s Loss in Catastrophic Crash
$50 Million Verdict in Train Derailment
$31 Million Recovery for Post-Surgery Infection Cases
$30.6 Million Recovery to Family for Crippling Birth Injuries
$30.6 Million Verdict Against Broward Sheriff’s Office
$25.8 Million Verdict to Family for Walgreens Prescription Error
$25 Million Verdict Against GM
$23.5 Million Verdict in Wrongful Birth Case
$21.6 Million Verdict Awarded to Family in Fatal Crash Caused by Cell Phone Distraction
$21 Million Verdict Won After Proving Tobacco Companies Intended Nicotine Addiction
$20 Million to Injured Mother for Fiery Crash that Killed Husband, Children
$17.2 Million Recovered for Accounting Malpractice Against Ernst & Young, Bank’s Auditor
$17 Million Recovery: Hospital Miscommunication Causes Tragedy for Newborn
$15 Million Recovered for Breach of Contract, Business Relationship Suit Against Van Lines
$15 Million Verdict to Club Customer for Injuries from Bartender’s Beating
$13.5 Million Disbursement Concludes Class Action Suit for Racial Discrimination
$13.5 Million Verdict for Racial Bias at Citrus Company
$13.5 Million Recovery in Landmark Discrimination Case
$13 Million Verdict Awarded for Death Caused by Fuel Truck Collision
$12.5 Recovery in Crash Death
$12.4 Million Verdict in Delay Damage Case Over Patent Rights
$10.4 Million Verdict for Injuries from SUV Seat Defect
$10.4 Million Verdict Against Ford Motor Company in Faulty Seatback Case
$10 Million Recovery in Child Abuse Case
$10 Million Verdict Against Big Trucking Company for Motorcyclist’s Injuries
$9 Million Verdict Leads to Safer Highways
$8.7 Million Recovery to Family of Teen Killed by Driver with Multiple Violations
$8.5 Million Recovery for High Speed Chase which Ends in Tragedy
$8.2 Million Recovery for Physician Incompetence
$8 Million Verdict in Boy’s Death as Result of Medical Negligence
$8 Million Verdict for Mentally Handicapped Woman Raped in Group Home
$7.8 Million Verdict Against Big Tobacco
$7.7 Million Recovery for Brain Damaged Child
$7.6 Million Claims Bill Passes for Rape of a Mentally Handicapped Woman
$7.6 Million Verdict for Profoundly Handicapped Woman Following Years of Abuse
$7.5 Million Recovery from Doctor, Hospital for Young Girl’s Coma
$6.9 Million Recovery for Serious Injuries when Garbage Truck Brakes Fail
$6.7 Million Recovery for Disabled Child Due to Hospital, Clinic Negligence
$6.5 Million Recovery for Hospital’s Overdose to Child
$6.4 Million Recovery: Negligence Resulting in Permanent Spine Damage During Boating Accident
$6.1 Million Verdict to Surviving Wife, Children in Railroad Death
$6 Million Recovery in Manatee County Medical Malpractice Case
$6 Million Recovery for Two Major Cases Against Car Insurers
$6 Million Recovery for Newborn’s Brain Damage from Life-Threatening Drugs
$6 Million Recovery for Early Hospital Discharge
$5.9 Million Recovery from Hospital to Paraplegic Involved in a Motorcycle Accident
$5.7 Million Recovery Against Hospital for Brain Damage due to Lack of Timely Care
$5.6 Million Verdict for Man’s Electrocution, Despite Maritime Law Limits
$5.5 Million Recovery: Doctor Leaves, Nurse Fails to Get Help
$5.5 Million Recovery for Man Injured by Newspaper Van Driver
$5.5 Million Recovery from Obstetrician for Brain-Injured Newborn
$4.8 Million Verdict for Disabled Man
$4.7 Million Recovery for Anesthesia Error
$4.6 Million Recovered for Baby Client, Despite State Caps
$4.4 Million Affirmed by Appeals Court in Securities and Accounting Negligence Case
$4.25 Million Recovery in Road Safety Defect Case
$4.25 Million Recovery for Repeated Failures to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer
$4.2 Million Recovery for Failures to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer
$4.2 Million Recovery for Permanent Damage Caused by Kava Product
$4 Million Recovery in Golf Cart Accident
$4 Million Recovery for Developer for Communities Failure to Honor Contract
$4 Million Recovery for Nerves Damaged by Back Surgery
$4 Million Verdict Awarded to Local Company Against Halliburton for Defective Equipment
$4 Million Recovery Against Arthur Young & Company
$3.9 Million Recovery: School Bus Rams into Van Causing Severe Spinal Injuries to Firefighter/Coach
$3.8 Million Verdict for Woman’s Death in Tractor Trailer Crash
$3.75 Million Recovery for Undue Influence to Disabled Woman in her Estate Trust Decisions
$3.6 Million Recovery for Brain Damage to Professor
$3.5 Million Recovery in Malpractice Case of Misdiagnosis, Miscommunication
$3.5 Million Recovery to Pedestrian Hit by Baseball Club Van Driver
$3.5 Million Recovery to Family of Newborn with Impaired Motor Skills due to Hospital’s Negligence
$3.5 Million Recovery for Prescription Error
$3.5 Million Recovery for Woman in Coma from Cosmetic Surgery
$3.4 Million Verdict Against Tobacco Company
$3.4 Million Recovery in Woman’s Death Resulting from Ignored Symptoms
$3.3 Million Verdict in Commercial Litigation Case
$3.3 Million for Malpractice Suit in Coverup After Death of Wife and Mother
$3.3 Million Recovery Following Long Legal Battle
$3.2 Million Verdict to Dentist for Trooper’s Negligence in Tragic Accident
$3.2 Million Recovery for Misdiagnosed Quadriplegic
$3 Million Recovery for Paraplegic Man
$3 Million Verdict for Car Wash’s Negligence
$3 Million Recovery to Family of Man that Dies After Tooth Infection Ignored
$3 Million Recovery in Medical Malpractice Case
$3 Million Recovery Reached for Metal Pipe on Guardrail
$3 Million Recovery from St. Mary’s Hospital for Woman in Coma
$3 Million Recovery for Software Entrepreneur for Breach of Contract Suit
$2.7 Million Recovery from Developer for Pond Defect Injuring Boy
$2.7 Million Recovery for Permanent Injuries Sustained from Interstate Highway Crash
$2.5 Million Recovery for Serious Halloween Accident
$2.5 Million Recovery for Brain Damaged Baby
$2.5 Million Settlement for Brain Injured Toddler
$2.5 Million Recovery from Sheriff’s Office for Devastating Injuries Caused by High Speed Chase
$2.5 Million Recovery in High Speed Chase Case from PBC Sheriff’s Office
$2.4 Million Recovery Due to Medical Staff’s Failure to Act
$2.4 Million Recovery Obtained Despite Vigorous Defense
$2.3 Million Recovery for Plane Crash that Killed Three
$2.2 Million Recovery for Misdiagnosis which Causes Christmas Eve Death
$2.2 Million Recovery for Negligence Resulting in Newborn Twin’s Leg Amputation
$2.1 Million Recovery for Head-on Collision which Leaves Daughter in Coma
$2.1 Million Recovery for Vehicle Collision Resulting in Permanent Spinal Cord Injury
$2.1 Million Verdict for Death Caused by Delayed Cancer Diagnosis
$2 Million Recovery for Crushing Injury to Minor
$2 Million Recovery Due to Delayed Diagnosis of Toddler
$2 Million Recovery for Employee for Injuries Due to Rain, Speed and Unscreened Driver
$2 Million Recovery Following Fatal Crash
$2 Million Verdict for Inventors Against Johnson & Johnson
$2 Million Verdict Against Builder and Developer in Worker’s Death
$2 Million Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson in Patent Suit
$2 Million Verdict Against Staff Leasing Company for Employees Injuries
$1.8 Million Recovery for Hearing-Impaired Baby from Pharmacy Error
$1.75 Million Verdict: Uninsured Driver Hits and Kills Intoxicated Pedestrian
$1.7 Million Recovery for Death from Massive Aneurysm
$1.7 Million Recovery for Errors, Misdiagnosis in Enlarged Heart Death
$1.7 Million Recovery for Failure to Diagnose and Treat Infection
$1.7 Million Recovery from Hospital After Man’s Tragic Death
$1.7 Million to Paraplegic for Delay in Care
$1.6 Million Recovery from Hospital for Emergency Room Negligence
$1.5 Million Recovery from Doctor, Hospital for Brain Injured Baby
$1.5 Million Recovery for Man’s Estate in Suit Against Kentucky Hospital
$1.5 Million Recovery Against HMO
$1.4 Million Recovery in Medical Malpractice Case
$1.4 Million Recovery in Brother, Sister Drowning
$1.35 Million Recovery for Damage Resulting from Lack of Monitoring During Surgery
$1.3 Million Recovery for Brain Injury Caused by Head-On Collision
$1.3 Million Recovery for Deadly Crash in Road Maintenance, Safety Case
$1.3 Million Recovery Against Doctors Who Treated Fracture, Missed Cancer
$1.25 Million Recovery for Woman’s Brain Injury
$1.2 Million Recovery for Doctor’s Failure to Recognize Symptoms
$1.2 Million Recovery Paid for Child with Kawasaki Syndrome
$1.2 Million Recovery from Publix for Boy’s Eye Loss
$1.2 Million Recovery for Breast Loss Due to Delayed Diagnosis
$1.1 Million Recovery Awarded to Young Athlete for Damages in Collision with School Bus
$1.1 Million for Air Crash Victim
$1.1 Million Recovered from Car Insurer for Backdated Policy
$1.1 Million in Man’s Death Due to Doctors’ Lack of Urgency
$1.1 Million Recovery for Fatal Crash After Truck Safety Meeting
$1.1 Million Recovery for Woman Who Suffers a Stroke, Following Misdiagnosis
$1.1 Million Recovery for Woman for Misdiagnosis, Delayed Treatment
$1.1 Million Recovery for Young Boy’s Injuries at School Stop
$1.1 Million Recovery for Truck Driver with Devastating Injuries
$1 Million Recovery for Brain Injured High School Student Injured in Truck-Auto Crash
$1 Million Verdict in Auto Crash Case
$1 Million Recovery for Injuries Caused by Speeding SUV
$1 Million Recovery for Blinded Woman, Against Ophthalmologist
$1 Million to Dead Man’s Estate After Cardiologists Misread EKG
$1 Million Recovery for Drowning Due to Diving Instructor’s Negligence
$1 Million Recovery Due to Doctor’s Disregard of History, Symptoms
$1 Million Recovery: Expert Medical Testimony
$1 Million Recovery After Bull Attacks Man
$1 Million Recovery for Physician’s Negligence in Cardiac Death
$1 Million Recovery from Insurance for Pre-Natal Injuries in Woman’s Tragic Crash
$1 Million Recovery Due to Negligent Construction Resulting in Man Falling to his Death
$1 Million Recovery for Brain Injured Newborn in Government Hospital
$1 Million Recovery for Paralyzing Neck Injury
$1 Million Recovery from Physician Ignoring Woman’s Symptoms
$1 Million Recovery for Child’s Death Due to Misdiagnosed Infection
$1 Million Recovery for Volunteer Thrown from Golf Cart
$1 Million Recovery Against Tampa Hospital for Husband’s death
$950,000 Recovery for Injuries from Defective Chair
$900,000 Recovery for Failed Lasik Surgery
$823,342 Verdict for Construction Worker Injured by Dumpster
$600,000 Recovery for Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle
$600,000 Recovery in Worker’s Death Caused by Improper Welding
$400,000 Recovery for Woman Injured in Fall at Winn Dixie
$350,000 Recovery for Rear End Collision

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