Searcy Denney Mass Tort Attorneys Attend Convention in Montreal, Canada

  Kelly Hyman, Cal Warriner, and Brenda Fulmer recently attended the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Summer Convention in Montreal. AAJ is the largest national plaintiffs’ trial lawyer organization and includes more than 20,000 members from the United States, Canada, and foreign countries. The American Association for Justice provides education and networking opportunities for lawyers … Continued

University of Florida Bans Cheerleader Aerial Stunts

University of Florida (UF) cheerleaders will no longer be allowed to perform aerial stunts or tumbles during football games. UF administrators say the decision was not made lightly but the timing is interesting. Three days before the announcement was made in November, a cheerleader for the Orlando Magic fell off a teammate’s shoulders and crashed … Continued

Five Hour Energy Linked to 13 Deaths

The government is releasing information about a growing number of injuries associated with those so-called energy drinks. Among them, 5-Hour Energy, a highly caffeinated energy shot that also contains vitamins and a substance called taurine. It’s marketed to “hardworking adults” who just need a little boost of energy. Since 2009, 5-Hour Energy has been named … Continued

Lawsuits Against DePuy Continue to Climb

Brenda Fulmer and Cal Warriner, partners in Searcy Denney’s Mass Tort Unit, filed another individual lawsuit this week against Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy hip implant division on behalf of a Southwest Florida woman. This case is one of several hundred individual lawsuits, not class action claims, being handled by the Searcy Denney law … Continued

Additional Lawsuits Filed Against Mentor Corporation

Today, attorneys Kelly Hyman and Brenda Fulmer filed two more individual lawsuits against Mentor Corporation relating to its ObTape transobturator product which was withdrawn from the market in March of 2006.  The first case was filed on behalf of a Gulf County, Florida woman who was implanted with the defective Mentor ObTape medical device in … Continued

Doctor Blames Attorneys for Surgical Mesh Controversy

This is a tough one to believe. A Minneapolis doctor issued a press release going on the attack against plaintiffs’ lawyers who are representing women seriously injured by synthetic mesh used to treat prolapse and incontinence Dr. Jon Nielsen doesn’t let the facts get in the way. Nielsen, a doctor at Oakdale Obstetrics & Gynecology … Continued

Will Florida Be The Epicenter For DePuy ASR Hip Litigation

Cal Warriner and Brenda Fulmer of the Searcy Denney Mass Tort Unit filed yet another case against DePuy earlier this month for a client with a defective ASR metal-on-metal hip implant. This latest individual lawsuit was filed on behalf of an Orlando woman who underwent hip implant surgery in late 2006 at Osceola Regional Medical … Continued

Mouse Traps, Hip Implants and E-mails — The Truth Will Out

Building the “better mouse trap” sometimes means producing a product that simply does not work the way it is designed to work. It is a process, sometimes, of trial and error. If someone (other than the mouse) is seriously injured by that product, it is called negligence. Building the “better mouse trap” and then hiding … Continued

Bayer Bean Counters, Balloons and Dangerous Drugs

Has it simply become all about bean counters and number crunching for some drug companies?

If you can generate over $1.5 billion in sales for (5) years, for a drug you know is defective, can you afford to pay the claims that result from people being hurt or killed?

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