Searcy Denney Mass Tort Unit attorneys Brenda Fulmer and Cal Warriner have filed three more lawsuits on behalf of Florida and North Carolina residents who suffered bleeding in their brains and GI tracts following use of Xarelto. The dozens of individual personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits filed by Searcy Denney pharmaceutical lawyers over the past several years include a number of similar circumstances where patients suffered serious or lethal injuries following their ingestion of Xarelto, a popular blood thinner medication prescribed to patients with atrial fibrillation or for prevention of blood clots in their legs or lungs.

Xarelto Litigation – Filed Lawsuits

Lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of Xarelto (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer Corporation, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen and other domestic and global parent companies and subsidiaries). The lawsuits include claims that Xarelto is defective and unreasonably dangerous, that the drug was inadequately tested prior to FDA approval in 2011, that prescribing physicians and consumers have been given inadequate and inaccurate information about the adverse events associated with use of Xarelto as well as his effectiveness and risk profile when compared with Coumadin, a blood thinner that has been used for many decades for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation. The individual product liability lawsuits include counts for strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation, fraud, and breach of warranty.

These latest lawsuits will ultimately become part of the multidistrict litigation proceedings (also known as MDL No. 2592) for Xarelto defective drug claims, which are pending in federal court in New Orleans, Louisiana before Judge Eldon Fallon. Judge Fallon was appointed to oversee MDL No. 2592 for the Xarelto Products Liability Litigation in late 2014. Today, there are approximately 13,000 individual lawsuits filed and pending before Judge Fallon in the federal court coordinated proceedings. Judge Fallon’s role as an MDL judge has been to oversee the discovery phase of the case, which has been largely completed, as well as the conduct of the first jury trials for the national litigation. This process is known as a bellwether trial process, and is intended to allow the MDL judge to make rulings on various generic liability and evidentiary issues as well as providing feedback to the parties on the likely results for the litigation as a whole.

The First Bellwether Trial

The first Xarelto bellwether trial began on April 24, 2017, before Judge Fallon in federal court in Louisiana. This case involved the claims of a patient named Joseph Boudreaux from Louisiana. He developed a GI bleed after taking Xarelto.

Prior to the beginning of the trial, Judge Fallon ruled on a number of legal motions, including requests that the case be dismissed due to various legal defenses raised by the drug company defendants. The most critical motion was the one filed by the drug manufacturers seeking to dismiss claims that the warning label for Xarelto was legally inadequate on the basis of federal preemption, a federal law that essentially prevents individual patients from prosecuting lawsuits over the wording of the warning label where there is evidence that the FDA would have rejected a stronger warning being urged by the patient.

As you may recall with Xarelto, the FDA issued an unprecedented statement regarding the adequacy of the warning label and safety of the drug last year, which then became a critical document in the drug manufacturers’ efforts to dismiss Xarelto lawsuits. Judge Fallon denied most of these legal motions filed by the defendants, including the federal preemption motion, and ruled primarily in favor of the plaintiff with regard to the admissibility of critical evidence in the case from various medical and scientific experts.

During the course of the trial, the federal jury in New Orleans heard testimony and evidence regarding Mr. Boudreaux’s medical treatment and gastrointestinal bleeding injury, the warnings given to his prescribing physician by the drug companies, and details regarding how the drug manufacturer responded to alleged safety issues with Xarelto. On May 3, 2017, the jury returned its verdict in favor of the drug manufacturers and found that it was not liable for the injuries suffered by Mr. Boudreaux.

Three More Bellwether Trials Scheduled

Judge Fallon will begin the second Xarelto jury trial in federal court on May 30, 2017, in New Orleans. Once that jury trial is complete, the MDL judge will conduct two additional trials in June and July in federal courts in Mississippi and Texas. These cases involve bleeding injuries in the brain or gastrointestinal tract as well as both living and deceased patients. Additional trials are also expected to occur this year in state court in Philadelphia, where there are approximately 2,000 additional personal injury and wrongful death cases pending against the drug companies involved in the marketing of Xarelto.

While we are very disappointed with the jury’s decision in the first Xarelto trial, we are still hopeful of prevailing in all or most of the upcoming trials. The outcome of these initial trials does not determine what might happen in any of the other 15,000 pending cases, but is important in providing guidance to the parties regarding the merits of the litigation (with the results of the additional scheduled jury trials being very important as well). There have been no settlements of Xarelto cases thus far, nor do we expect any at this time as the drug manufacturer feels confident that it should not be held legally liable for bleeding injuries suffered by Xarelto patients. It is our hope that the plaintiffs in the upcoming trials will be successful in obtaining verdicts against the drug manufacturers. Once the bellwether trial process before Judge Fallon in the MDL proceedings is completed, it is likely that the judge will order that case-specific discovery, including depositions, be completed in the thousands of cases that remain so that those individual cases can be prepared for remand back to local federal courts for completion of discovery and preparation for individual jury trials.

10 responses to “Xarelto Litigation – Bellwether Update

  1. The issue with Xarelto is you do not know if it is working properly. The drug could do one of three things; does not work at all so you get no blood thinning, works properly which is what it is supposed to do; or works badly which causes excessive bleeding. Since there is no known test at this time to find out which way the drug is working, the end user could have terrible effects regarding internal bleeding and not even know what is happening. The drug manufacturers have no real defense against the prosecutor using this approach to offset the manufacturers claim that the FDA approval and the warnings listed for the drug a a sufficient defense.

  2. I had to have emergency surgery because of a blood clot in my leg and me on this so called miracle blood thinner. While I was in icu I had a stroke which affected my speach and memory. I had to spend approximately 2 weeks in rehab trying to regain my strength and memory which I still studder sometimes and my memory is very poor. But when I returned home still on xarelto I woke up that morning and stood to get out of bed I could not feel my feet my legs would not work and I hit the floor. I tried so hard to hold onto my bed and pull myself up but I couldnt. This is the worst feeling ever. Luckly my brother was here and he heard me holloweing and came and picked me up out of the floor. After this stroke my Dr said he was going to have to find another blood thinner to put me on (Which to me by him saying that he thought it was the xarelto that caused the strokes but he never would say that it was but I feel like he thought it was) but I wish the jury would have to experience the effects of a stroke and what it does to your body physically and emotionally and what it out your family thru. My daughter still panics when I get tired and lay down thru the day she says I look so tired thru my eyes and she wants me to go to the hosoital. This puts so so much stress on your family. I hope this is read and somebody realizes what myself and other stroke victims and their families are going thru just so a big drug company can make millions off our lives they don’t care about a human life just putting money in their pockets GOD forgive them. They just said our lives are not important as long as they make money

    1. My mother had some of the same issues. She too had emergency surgery, and was put in ICU. she developed a blood clot in her arm and was put on Xarelto. Once she was released from the hospital she went to rehab because her lower extremities was not working. During this time in rehab I noticed memory loss. She wasn’t aware of her surroundings Once she was discharged home therapy continued. A year later after using Xarelto my mother had two strokes and upper GI bleeding. The next year my mother had another stroke and began to bleed again from her rectum and there was no stopping it, she required several units of blood over a period of three weeks . The loss of blood made her extremely weak. and once again back to rehab where she succumbed to her illness.

  3. You know, I think it’s a shame that when these many people complain of the same ailment, something is terrible wrong. Most of the people complaining, are complaining from some type of bleed. The judge or those checking the evidence, should take this in consideration. Not everyone is coming up with the same story. I believe that there was bleeding. These big companies need to realize that these medicines aren’t meant for everyone, somebody somewhere gonna have side effects. I don’t know if it’s how the medicine is made at times or what. But, I knew a lady who took the drug, and she had a gastro bleed through her butt, but they tried to say that it was from an old ulcer. Maybe the drug did his part in opening it up because to me, that is where most of the bleeds occur, in the gut. I’m with the defendants, and I hope they win their cases, because people need to start complaining more. I also read somewhere that the FDA put 2 black box warning on the xarelto packaging. Why is the FDA issuing these warnings, people complaining, with evidence about the xarelto, and they think the drug is ok? That should tell people something: the drug is not safe.

  4. I am one of the thousands of people that was negatively affected by Xarelto. I had been a very healthy person with periodic a-fib. While on Xarelto I hemmoraged; nearly died twice in the emergency room. As I continued to bleed, the doctors kept saying that Xarelto has no antidote to stop the bleeding & I would have to wait it out for it to leave my body. They continued to pump blood in me as I hemmoraged. My life was spared, thank God, but so many others died from Xarelto. Since my episode, I have never been the same since Xarelto. I continue to need iron infusions. (I NEVER needed that in my life). I now have constant a-fib. My blood platlets are never in the normal range. I am tired all the time. Xarelto has changed my life forever. The hemotologist says he doubts that my blood levels will ever be normal again.
    How a judge and jury can say that Bayer is not responsible for this is beyond belief. Had any of them gone through this, I guarantee they would decide in favor of the victims. God bless all of you who continue to suffer.

  5. My father at 85 years old , never had a stroke, was independent, always on the go with his friends, was also on XARELTO due to a pacemaker that was inserted in him . The pacemaker was for slow heart rhythm according to his private Dr. Few months later he was slowing down. Then he had a stroke. was hospitalized, he started complaining about his legs, but no one paid any attention. The Drs are saying that it was old age. He was in very good physical condition, was always strong on his legs. Not knowing that Xarelto cause the first stroke and was damaging his leg arteries . Then he had a massive stroke, paralyzing his entire right side.
    He was hospitalize still complaining about his foot. But no one paid attention to him, Drs are calling it old age, we insisted that they checked his leg out. They insisted that he was not a diabetic. We went to visit him and the nurses had his foot bandaged, they did not want to take off the bandage for us to see. Therefore my sister an RN decided to check my fathers foot. My fathers both feet was black, there was no circulation going to his legs. My father both legs was amputated because his arteries was clogged and no blood was circulating.

  6. I even forgot to mention about his bowel movement bleeding that occur during the time he was on Xarelto, his bleeding was horrible, we were wondering where all that blood was coming from. Of course the Drs did not know either. Any time he had to move his bowels he was afraid to do so.
    My father died November 2015 due to all of those complications.

  7. I took care of my mother for three years and she did very well on Coumadin but when the home monitoring program cut off her supply’s her doctor recommended Xarelto. She started it March and passed away in June on her birthday of a GI bleed she literally bleed to death .What is there to argue about?? Plain and simple there is no reversal agent and this fancy free life it shows on the tv commercials is misleading so many more victims of these deadly medications! After losing my mom I change the channel when these come on it makes me so angry!! I am in the lawsuit and praying for all the family’s of lost loved ones that these drug companies are stopped in there tracks.

  8. My husband was on Xeralto less then three months . I woke one morning and he was hemorageing so bad. Called ambulance and got him to hospital. Dr told me there was nothing they could do to save him. They said giving him blood would not save him. He was in hospital 11 days never regained consciousness and passed away day before his birthday. I pray the courts will do the right thing. They would rule different if they had to go thru what all these families have been thru. But they side with the big companys and forget about us and our pain. But they will have to answer to a higher power on their day of reconing.

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